Sunday, August 31, 2008

They Rest......

After a morning of playing in the yard, weave pole training, contact work, jump grids and frozen marrow bones all kids are finally taking a well deserved rest - at the same time. These days off are hard!

Close Up Day

We're hanging out on the deck this morning. I'm on my second pot of coffee - it's small pot - and we're relaxing, not knowing what to do with ourselves since Speedoggie Summer Camp is over:( So, I decided to listen to some music and make this close up day while the kids chew up what's left of the grass in the yard.

Bogart - Bug

Flicker - Rock Star, Princess

Dig-It! - never sits still:)

Frenzy - The Queen (Flicker's mom)

Torch - RooRoo

Tease - Oh Finster (Dig It!'s sister)

Thursday, August 28, 2008

Feel Better Mayhem!

We welcomed Frenzy (Flicker's Mom) and Dig-It! (Tease's sister) for a few days bringing my pack to 6! Here's a romp in the backyard. These photos are for Mayhem & Chris to make them laugh and smile:) Mayhem is recovering from surgery.

Hey look, Auntie's been working on my sit!

Bogart's in his favorite spot, checking for grey things in the trees.

6 BCs on the prowl in the backyard. Notice how the b/w seperate from the red and merles:)

Frenzy says "Mayhem, rest and get better soon because I kind of miss you:)"

Mom and Daughter pose for a family portrait.
The smiles are for Mayhem & Chris:)

Monday, August 18, 2008

Meet the kids...

Speedoggie Power Strip - aka Tease, baby faced Finster, Finny. Loves people and learning.


Yakn Ber Torch - aka Torch, RooRoo, Red Rooster, Torcher Man. Loves doing anything with you, the faster the better.


Speedoggie I'm on Fire - aka Flicker, Princess, Rock Star. Loves people, playing Candy Land and deflating basketballs.


Bogart - aka Bug. Loves cookies and barking.