Thursday, August 28, 2008

Feel Better Mayhem!

We welcomed Frenzy (Flicker's Mom) and Dig-It! (Tease's sister) for a few days bringing my pack to 6! Here's a romp in the backyard. These photos are for Mayhem & Chris to make them laugh and smile:) Mayhem is recovering from surgery.

Hey look, Auntie's been working on my sit!

Bogart's in his favorite spot, checking for grey things in the trees.

6 BCs on the prowl in the backyard. Notice how the b/w seperate from the red and merles:)

Frenzy says "Mayhem, rest and get better soon because I kind of miss you:)"

Mom and Daughter pose for a family portrait.
The smiles are for Mayhem & Chris:)

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