Thursday, September 27, 2012

You've been gone a week today.

You've been gone a week today.  Last Thursday was a day I always knew would come; every pet owner does.  We dread it.  We push it to the back of our minds, especially as our fur kids enter those precious teen years. We never think it will be this day.  We are never prepared.  Our friends & family seek to comfort us but nothing can replace your happy face, bright eyes and wagging tail or the empty place in my soul.

Happy memories have run deep and tears have flowed so quickly this week; always there, just under the surface each time when I think of you, look at a photo, see your empty bowl, laugh and share memories with friends or I hear your bark.

Torch, Flicker and Tease look for you.  I keep counting to four as they go in and out of the house or I scoop out dinner but there are only three now.

I think of you, and all those who left before you, awaiting our family at the Rainbow Bridge.  You are all young again and romping in the sunshine.

I still can't believe you're gone.  I know you're barking away and getting all the treats your heart desires.  Much love from all of us here until we meet again.

I miss you Bogart.

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