Saturday, March 15, 2014

Welcome Spring 2014

March is a month that I truly dislike; 60 degrees today and a predicted 2" snowfall in 48 hours.  If I could take a month off I would go far to the south for this entire month!

Well the girls and I got back into the agility ring last weekend.  Tease won novice B FAST (woohoo Finster!) and Flicker took 10th in master's JWW, not too bad for my almost 10 year old princess.

Torch and I had some hard news earlier this week.  We headed to see Dr. Potter for a check up on a lump on his leg and found out Torch has a severe heart murmur, an early sign of heart disease.  At this time there is no enlargement of his heart so I am hopeful he has many, many days ahead that will be carefree and easy on his heart.

At 12 years old he's been slowing down, resting more often while playing chuck-it and frisbee, sleeping harder and more often and hesitating on the stairs.  He was biking happily into December 2013 but really did not want to a few weeks ago.  

From here we keep up his already heart healthy diet and supplements only adding in CQ10.  I am so glad I have always fed my dogs well, provided good supplements and kept them, even in competition retirement, in great shape both mentally and physically.  Torch was dock diving into this past fall and loving every minute of it.

Today I will bike with Tease and then take Torch and Flicker to the local park for chuck-it and flying squirrel.  I have always cherished my life with my four-legged children but this spring I am feeling especially mindful of thanking them each day for the happiness and richness they bring me.


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